What I've been up to

So I really am bad at blogging. But I promised Andrew that I would try to blog twice a week, so here's the first one as part of that deal. 

Most of my work I don't post because I'm an independent contractor for different businesses. Mostly I've been shooting real estate for a company in SLC called Quick Pics. It's not much money but it keeps me busy. I also shoot a lot of product and still am doing family shoots, weddings etc. I've been supporting us for the last year on those kinds of jobs (barely) . Andrew has gotten a job with Stewart's Lawn Care and will be able to pay all our bills every month so I'm able to put my earnings in a savings account and save up for some much needed equipment....and.....ahem road trips. I'm also exploring the idea of separating my photography into different categories and treating those paid projects as pro and my personal projects more art based. I need to figure out how I want to do that. 

I have reoccuring dreams about missing out on beautiful landscapes. Usually it's because my battery is dead or my shutter won't fire. I was discussing this with Andrew last night and he thought maybe the camera in my dreams represents me...Interesting concept, I'll have to look more into that hunny. 

As for the future? Well Im hoping to continue to build and grow the business, my ideal is to have my own shooting space, either in our home or renting a place. I want to be successful enough that I can hire Andrew to work the business side full time and I can shoot/edit. That dream is proving to be difficult in Utah because of the flooded market, but I'm trying not to let that deter me from trying to make a life. I have the drive, might as well put it to use. 

Andrew is still trying to figure out what his passion is, mine is pretty obvious. He's tried out so many things but hasn't really stuck with anything. I'm hoping he stumbles upon it soon, I want him to be passionate and happy about something! Until then, I'm just trying to be patient with him and offer support when he needs it. We've only been married 5.5 years, marriage is a funny thing because you think you love a person and it's the same from the start, always loving someone the same, but it's not like that at all! I find that Andrew has grown so much in the last few years, as I have too. But I love him so much more than when we started, I'm proud of him, he makes me laugh, cry, furious, embarrassed....but all those things are what make us. I guess I'm passionate about 2 things.

Here are a few pictures of my businessy stuff over the last few weeks. I'll be posting later this week about the families, baby, wedding etc.