I redecorated our room

For the last year or so Andrew and I have been struggling financially, and I never wanted to put too much work into our little apt because I honestly didn't know if we were going to be staying. My home is my creative space and it's important to me to have a place to call "home" even if it's just a spot to put your crap. Since both Andrew and I are working, I could afford to spice up our room a little bit, and I had the motivation because I knew we'd be able to stay awhile. I had gotten a few pieces of art from the Beehive Bazaar and framed those, and kept a few pieces that meant something to BOTH Andrew and I. The yellow tapestry we got on our honeymoon in Mexico, the vintage wine bottle painting in TN when we lived there our first summer, a picture of the Temple we got for our wedding etc. I wanted it to be our place, most of the house is catered to me and my likes, though Andrew has his "office" (gaming and where I get my candy room) and I've recently cleaned and rearranged that room. I didn't take pictures though...it's not super cute. I wanted our bedroom to be romantic, and a cozy place. I finished last week and it's now my favorite room in the house, even though Andrew says the lights and tule above the bed are "frilly". The first shot is our before, we had to take the bed off the frame ages ago because the cats would hide in there and cause problems. Now they scratch the outside of the bed and it drives me nuts. We will be getting a new bed in a couple years. We can deal for now!