Spudtoddos, The Alison Show, and Top Notch Kitchen

Blogging obviously isn't my top priority, though it should be because a lot of cool stuff is going on! 

I was approached by Spudtoddos to reshoot their menu for a new set up they were designing. They are a new company but are growing super fast, Andrew and I went and spent a couple of hours shooting and eating the product. I enjoy food shoots, so much texture and color! 

A few favorites:

Alisons Build an Awesome Brand! Alison asked me to come and cover one of her classes she teaches on branding, and she is the bombdotcom. This girl has got branding down, and is spreading the love by showing others what they need to do and work out before they can really build their small business online, locally, and on social media.

Sweets provided by The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Top Notch Kitchen sells cutting boards, rolling pins and bamboo utensils on Amazon. This one was a referral from a friend and it turned out quite well! Though I REALLY struggled with the rolling pins. Those are actually harder than you think to shoot. 

Those are just a few of my recent projects, I'm still working on a couple here and as always I'm available for hire! I'm cute, fun, and easy going!