The Alison Show, Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Sweet Snow Suits

So Alison of The Alison Show is a local celebrity here in Provo, but she's also pretty well known on Instagram and other social media sites. Alison is best known for her cookies and dance parties but most follow her for her AWESOME personality. High energy and love that's Alison! I've met her a couple of times, and follow her on snapchat and instagram and she always makes me laugh. She had a little spontaneous cotton candy and popcorn get together on Friday, it's been pretty crappy here (weather wise) and so she wanted to brighten up our Friday. I was nervous because I didn't know anyone but Alison but all the kids and ladies were so fun and sweet, it's the best being around super happy people. The get together definitely brightened my day!! Thanks Alison!! 


If anyone knows these kids or their parents let me know! I'll send them these pics of the kids completely drunk on cotton candy.