Reika and Brady Liu Salt Lake Temple Wedding

Salt Lake Temple is one of the most popular temples to get married in. Usually I'm a bit stressed out because I know there is going to be a ton of brides there on any given saturday, and you want to make sure your bride gets the best of everything! Luckily the temple wasn't too busy and we were able to get all the shots I wanted. Also Reika and Brady decided to break up the wedding day and have the reception the night before which worked out well! 


Utah Valley High School Senior Portraits- Mackenzie and Rochelle

Working with seniors is always my favorite. Because I look like a boring adult and then all of a sudden, I open my mouth and they realize I'm cool and curb the 'tude and have some fun. I love working with any age group, but seniors are secretly my favorite. These girls were beautiful in mind, spirit and body, also they were so sassy!  The first 4 are Mack and the rest are Rochelle.