Midway Antique Filled Cabin

This house, it felt like a cabin and the Weasleys Burrow. A little but big home nestled in the mountains north of midway. My initial feeling was this home wasn’t lived in full time, perhaps a vacation home or place for art. The woman who owns it is both an artist and Antique dealer, I amused myself imagining her and what she’d be like as a person.

I had so much fun shooting this lovely little hide away.

Almost everything in the home was old, chairs, couches, blankets, furniture, pillows, blankets! It is a different story in every room because the house is so eclectic it’s hard to focus on any one corner. From big lofty beds, to cluttered studio space and reading nooks, one spacious, rarely used dining area, and a warm cozy kitchen overlooking the entirety of midway and parts of deer creek reservoir. The Pole Creek fire had just started and you can see the smoke way off. This house is dreamy on so many levels.

Also, that ball of pans?! Amazingly quirky and my favorite home to date.