Dirty Dash Utah

So you probably never think about the photographers at the end of races, I never did until I became one. Andrew found the gig for me on craigslist and said it paid 35 an hour for an 8 hour day and it seemed like it would be fun way to get me out and about for a saturday. So I applied! 

I got picked, mostly because I had a camera. It's done at Soldier Hollow near Heber Utah and it was a beautiful fall morning. I was super excited and was wanting to work with this company again someday so I was thinking I'd really "show my stuff". I got to the starting line and a lady directed me to where the photo booth would be but I didn't see anyone so I chilled out and figured they were running late. 20 mins later I got a call saying "where are you" and I was technically late 20 mins because I couldn't find the tent. Then the lens I planned on using was not working, the aperture was stuck! So I had to use a different one, then I was worried about my other lens..... Seriously, this was the most humbling photographic experience, I'm supposed to know what I'm doing and it's all falling apart at this point (I'm dying inside too). Meanwhile there is a GIGANTIC line of muddy people wanting their photos. One of the lights weren't firing all the time, so half of the photos are dark on one side, and I'm constantly trying to fix it, making the line wait and therefore get longer. Then I noticed my battery and backup battery pack were almost drained and it was only 1:30! After I noticed my battery, 5 mins later, the light that had been acting up all day STARTED ON FIRE. No joke, electric smoke filled my station. So I took a break and then took over another station with another camera and finished the day. There's lots of little things too, being in the sun all day, my feet were killing me etc....but here are some photos! I don't think I made a good impression on the team, I doubt they would hire me again, but I was stretched in ways I've never been before! 

So the first photo is the first guy done that morning, notice how clean he is! The mud hadn't really built up yet. 

Then the last photo is one of the ones where the light wasn't popping right, and it was about to start on fire....