Ghost Town of Bodie California

August 15th, 2015 

Brace yourselves, vacation pictures are coming. 

Andrew and I saved up all summer so we could take our excursion. Can I just say we left with only a couple hundred in our account and actually made it to all the places we meant to go. Granted we got paid a week in to our trip, but holy cow! It was a bit stressful at first. I felt very adventurous, and a risk taker. We were very blessed!  

We stopped in Lake Tahoe to visit my Uncle Tom for the weekend and so I could shoot and explore Mono Lake. We stopped in Bodie first and shot all around, it was very touristy but it was still an interesting place. 

All the people just left over time, they left their belongings, tables set, billiards loaded, bottles on bars etc. It was a very cool ghost town. Most of these shots were through old windows since they won't let the public in. I'm glad we went but I don't think I will go back. It just felt really touristy.