Point Reyes

Andrew and I headed west from Tahoe to see my Aunt on my mom's side, we also stopped in Sacramento to see my Aunt on my dad's side too, but I was too nervous to get pictures. 

The drive was awesome, I love point reyes. 

We stayed right on Tomales Bay, I did some work for my Aunt and her non-profit planned ferralhood, I shot a bunch of photos for her organization to put on a website I was designing. Also I got some time in with my Aunt which is always nice! During our stay Aunt Kathy took me around to all the beautiful places in Point Reyes, including the lighthouse and points around the beaches. I also got to see an old family friend Lori, who I've heard about my whole life. She's my Aunt Kathy's BFF, so it was nice to get some photos of them. Make sure to head over to Aunt Kathy's site www.plannedferralhood.com and look around! And if so inclined, donate!