Each session currently is priced to reflect not only shooting time but post processing. All regular sessions include at least 1-2 hours of time, which is plenty trust me. Unless it's a wedding, you have me for the day. You currently get a flash drive with printing rights, and I also do printing. If you want an album or book, that is an option as well. I don't mind traveling to wherever, as long as it doesn't exceed an hour. If so I may just hop in the car with you, If you don't have the room I will take my own car and charge a reasonable travel fee.  

I'm flexible in my pricing, if you have a budget and you really want good photos give me a call and we will work something out. 



Family Session: 200- includes portraits of everyone, candids, and whole family pictures and a CD of your images

Family reunion- 450-includes individual family portraits, Candid, whole family, and a CD of images.

Seniors- 175.00, bring friends or whoever you like! Includes Portraits, and a CD of images. 

Maternity and Newborns

Maternity: 175.00 

Maternity+newborn package: 275.00

Newborn: 200.00 Newborns tend to take time, they get fussy, hungry and tired. I'm patient with these little ones so the fee stays the same no matter how long it takes. Also I really love babies, so snuggling is a must. 

Cake smash-  150.00- so messy, so fun. 

Engagements, Bridals and Weddings

Engagements include 2 hours and however many outfits or locations, ( I really don't mind), and a CD or flash drive of edited images. 

Bridals include, up to 3 hours session time, and within Utah County for no travel fee. I don't mind multiple locations! and a CD or flash drive of edited images. 

Wedding Day: Getting ready (if applicable), coverage of wedding or coverage of after sealing, family pictures, bride/groom pictures general coverage of events, such as reception etc.

Engagement- 250.00 a`la carte 

Bridals- 350.00 a`la carte 

The Wedding Day- a`la carte -1400.00 

Wedding packages: I think it's important to keep the same photographer throughout your whole wedding experience. That's why my packages are priced the way they are, and that your engagement is complimentary. We just to make sure we are the right fit for each other. Because your photographer is with you the whole day! 

Weddings include entire documentation of day. Getting ready, actual wedding/temple grounds, family pictures, reception, a CD of edited images- Prints are available upon request. 

For the whole wedding process-

 Wedding Day and Bridals- 1500.00 Engagement is complimentary. 

If I shoot for you and you refer me, and I book it, your next session is half off! (except weddings, those are long days)

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